I have had cats before and they were all great animals. But our new additions are amazing. They are sweet, cuddly and you can tell that they have been treated so very well. Thank you! We love them so much!
They are very loving and caring people. They’ve helped me out so much with my two girls when I thought I couldn’t afford to have them anymore. If not for them my 9 and 12 year old felines would have been rehomed. Thank you.
They are the most caring selfless individuals I have ever met.
Awesome for the cats and staff that truly cares! Great people do GREAT things.

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We are so grateful for their support!


Featured Cat

Isabella | 13 Years old

Isabella was hit by a car in October, 2015, and it shattered her pelvis and hips. Unfortunately, she was not provided medical help until after the breaks had healed, so she now walks with a limp and has arthritis. However, she is still sweet as can be and even loves to play! She would love to have her own family that treats her like a princess.

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What is "special-needs"?

Aren't all cats special? 

While we agree that all cats have a "special" place in our hearts, some of the cats we rescue need extra rehabilitation, and some of them may never be adoptable and will remain at our sanctuary. These may include blind cats, deaf cats, amputees, cats with neurological deficits, and cats with extreme emotional trauma. We give these cats special care for the length of their lives, and your monthly sponsorship helps pay for that care!

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