Spay/Neuter Program

In May 2011 we began our community spay/neuter initiative, offering Low-COST spay/neuter surgeries to cats and dogs owned by low-income families. Within three years we provided over 2,000 surgeries to animals in Northeast Wyoming.

Grant money allows us to offer spay/neuter at very low costs to residents of northern Wyoming (additional donations are encouraged and appreciated). We charge $50 per cat and $75 per dog, regardless of sex. Surgery includes rabies and distemper vaccines, if needed, as well as treatment for internal parasites. We also provide e-collars and pain medication as needed. If you cannot afford these fees, or have multiple animals in your home, we have grant funds to waive fees after discussing each individual situation with you. 

If you need your pet spayed or neutered, please fill out our Waiting List form (click the button under the picture) and we will contact you when the next clinic approaches. Note that our clinics are ONLY for people who truly cannot afford to take their pet to a veterinarian. Please, if you can afford a vet, do not take the place of someone who is in need of this service. 

Note that clinics are based on available grant funding. If we do not have grant funds, we cannot offer free or low-cost clinics. In the event that we are out of grant money to assist you, the Dog and Cat Shelter in Sheridan has low-cost SNAP certificates available.

The first Be a Winner - Prevent a Litter spay/neuter clinic was held in Sheridan on May 21, 2011. Over three days, our volunteer veterinarians sterilized 323 cats and 232 dogs. The impact in the community was immediately visible; fewer calls to animal control and fewer puppies and kittens entering the public animal shelter. Since that time, Second Chance has continued to offer regular spay/neuter events in the community. As of January, 2017, we have sterilized over 2,500 dogs and cats in Northeast Wyoming.

Spay/Neuter Program Testimonials

The clinic has helped my daughter by spaying her cat, as she could not afford it on her own. As a senior in high school, Bailey has had multiple surgeries to fix her back and hips. Evalynn, her cat, is her best friend and service animal, keeping my daughter out of major depression, since she is not able to do what other kids her age are doing.”

”The clinic has helped me in many ways. I am a college student and would have had a hard time affording to get my dog spayed. But I definitely couldn’t afford for her to have puppies, either. It was very convenient to be able to come at my own time and be able to be with her through the surgery.”

”My husband and I have lived in Sheridan only two years now. We love animals and have three other rescues. Cash is a six-month-old deaf Pit Bull who was going to get put down if no one took him. We instantly fell in love. Over the past few months we moved, I lost my job, and had many family problems. I really needed to fix Cash! Thankfully, the amazing people who hold this event granted that, and I’m not sure I could have afforded it without their help!!”

”I am grateful and very thankful for all the volunteers, donors, and supporters of this clinic. I work two jobs and only have Sundays off. This was very opportune and a much-needed visit. I want to assist in any way to help control the pet population. Thanks to all who are involved.”

”I am very thankful for an opportunity to have a program such as Second Chance available. I am currently unable to pay the full amount to have my pet neutered, so this gave me the option to do so.

”It was a great experience. They were helpful and took great care of the animals. I had no concerns donating.